SEO promotion

What is SEO website promotion

Grisha is planning to buy a multicooker in an online store. So he goes to one of the search engines and enters a query. First, he will see contextual advertising, and below that - the organic output:

Grisha has decided on a particular model of multivarka and now selects the optimal conditions for purchase:

The task of SEO promotion is for the promoted site to be as high as possible in the search results for the necessary search queries. The aggregate of such search queries is also called the semantic core of the site or semantics.

What result gives SEO promotion of the site

Actual targeted traffic to the site

Users type in search queries. If the site will be displayed in the top of the search engines, users will go to this site. They may be in search of a product or service right now, to be maximally interested in buying, and can scrutinize the information, being at the beginning of the funnel of customer acquisition.

Transactions and sales

If the site is user-friendly, the range of products is diverse, prices are adequate, ordering is easy and fast, then incoming traffic will be converted into online sales or applications on your site.

Repeat sales and loyal customers

With quality optimization and well thought-out structure of the site, a convenient product or service card, the user remembers the site and can come back by branded queries. If the user is satisfied with the product and service after the purchase, then this interest must be supported and developed. For example, build communication with each client with the help of CRM-marketing. Customers appreciate personalized content, which they receive at the right time in a convenient place. And they will definitely come back to order again.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO website promotion

Search engine optimization of a website gives traffic to the website from search engines. Such traffic is called search engine traffic or organic traffic. This traffic channel, like any other, has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider the most important ones:


You don't have to pay for click-throughs. Indeed, search engines don't charge for clicks in organic listings, so you don't have to pay for users coming from search. Unlike contextual advertising, where every click on an ad will cost you money. But it's not that simple. In the search engine promotion of the site - involving an agency or a full-time employee - you still need to invest money. Realizing that the resulting traffic from organic search is many times cheaper than traffic from contextual advertising. Plus when optimizing the site is working on improving the entire project - refining the structure, landing pages, content marketing. And the customer gets both targeted traffic and site improvement, unlike other types of advertising.

Hot traffic. Users are looking for a product or service themselves and they type in queries in a search to do so. It is important that they are looking for it in real time. Therefore, organic traffic is one of the highest quality and inexpensive channels for attracting traffic.

Flexible selection of queries. You independently determine the list of queries you want to promote in search. At the same time, you can work with a fairly wide list of queries, processing demand at each stage of the customer acquisition funnel - building brand knowledge, covering "hot" demand, making a purchase decision, working with the existing customer base. On the other hand, you can focus on promoting the most marginal products or queries that yield the most customers in your topic. Such queries can be viewed in the Yandex webmaster.

The technical condition of the site is being improved. For a site to rank highly, it must meet certain search engine standards. By working on search engine promotion you can achieve that the site loads quickly from any device, reduce the number of errors that interfere with purchases. A little later we will talk about the factors of seo website promotion.

Website usability is improving. Search engine algorithms are adapting and increasingly taking into account the usability of the site when ranking. Simply put, it should be convenient for users to filter, select and order any product or service. Search engines value this highly.


The result is not immediately apparent. After optimizing the site, search engines need time to index it. Search queries over time begin to rank higher and higher until they reach the top 10 positions. This time interval is always different - on average from 2 to 6 months.

Costs of site improvement. Improving a website consists of two main parts - developing a plan for changes and implementing those changes. Developing the plan is the job of the SEO contractor, implementing it is the job of your website development team. Both require resources - time and financial. On the other hand, in addition to traffic or the desired positions in the top 10, you get an improvement of the entire site. This has a positive effect on conversion - it grows and allows you to get more hits from any traffic sources.

Limited relevance of search. The number of queries in your topic may be quite small - it is easy to assess with the help of the Wordstat service from Yandex. In this case, to invest in a full-fledged search engine promotion may not be appropriate. It is much more correct to put the site in order and maintain it.

To get as many pluses from SEO optimization as possible, leave a request and we'll talk you through the possibilities of promoting your website.

Types of billing of SEO website promotion

By position

A list of search queries to be promoted to the top 10 search engines is determined in advance. As a rule, payment of the bonus in this case takes place only after the request has been placed in the top 10.

By traffic

Based on the analysis of the site and its topics, a relevant semantic kernel is created. The task of the SEO contractor in this case is to increase targeted traffic to the site. The calculation of payment and traffic occurs before the start of work and is prescribed in the commercial proposal.

By targeted action

Payment of the bonus occurs only if the desired target action occurred from organic traffic. For example, a click on the shopping cart. It works well if your site is well set up with web analytics, you have statistics at each stage of purchase on the site.

We will help you determine the most effective method of promotion individually for your site - leave a request for consultation.

Factors of SEO website promotion ranking

Website promotion today is not just about working with code or optimizing a site for search engines. With its help, you can influence many factors (navigation and structure, content, commercial factors, usability) that are related to each other and affect the conversion rate of traffic. It is a synergy of user experience, business and search engine requirements.

Navigation and structure

The way users move around your site gives search engines signals: whether users like it or not. These signals refer to behavioral ranking factors and affect not only the position of your site, but also the targeted actions of users.

We are working to improve the following features:

  • Is the site easy to navigate for users?
  • Do search engines understand the structure of the site?
  • Are your URLs being indexed?
  • Are all landing pages on your site?
  • Are all technical parameters taken into account and is the internal link weight correctly distributed?


Content is what the user sees on the pages of your website: content, assortment, texts, visual design, images, characteristics, reviews, etc. It is content that should create the effect of the user's "presence" in your store, center, office. And today, it is the quality of your content that is the decisive factor in the purchase. What we will do together with you to make the content of the site better:

  • Analyze commercial factors and look for competitive advantages
  • Analyze the usability of your content, its display on different devices
  • Prepare selling text descriptions, attributes, information blocks
  • Recommend cross-selling blocks and other commercial functionalities
  • Check whether search engine robots see important content

External factors

Do I need to remind you that buying links is taboo!? Today, you not only need to take care of the quality of your link mass, but that your online reputation and social signals have a positive tone. To do this, together with you we will make sure that:

  • You were discussed on forums, shared and recommended (crowd-marketing), thus increasing the volume and quality of your link profile
  • Search engine services knew you at your best and gave you high rankings. This increases the trust of the audience
  • To motivate users to write good reviews on your and other sites

Technical and internal optimization

Technical and internal optimization are factors that used to be key to search engine promotion. Today they are preventive and do not guarantee high results without improving content, structure and external factors. It is important to realize that missing something important on the technical part, you can not only fail to achieve potential results, but also lose the existing ones. That is why we will:

  • Check desktop and mobile versions of the site for compliance with search engine requirements and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards
  • Carry out automatic online diagnostics to find out about any problems in time and eliminate them promptly
  • Monitor the security of your site and your users' data
  • Keep abreast of all search engine trends and recommend you new improvements before your competitors implement them.