Innovative Care

Care Models and Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes

At Mid-Atlantic Health Care, our primary focus is providing short-term care that helps patients return home as quickly and safely as possible, while preventing hospital readmission. We are always looking for ways to improve the care we provide and improve patient outcomes.

The Step Up Unit

Step Up Unit™ 
We employ Step Up Units™ in our facilities — equipping them to provide a higher level of care, such as antibiotic IV care, oxygen and respiratory therapy, as well as more frequent physician visits.

Not only do hospital readmissions cost the system more money, they are also disruptive to patients and can contribute to poorer health and cognitive decline. That’s why our facilities focus on new care models and technology platforms that enable us to identify and treat patients’ potential health issues quickly, before they escalate.

Data Mining Technology to Improve Staff Communication, Patient Care
We know that communication between staff is a key aspect of providing quality patient care. That’s why our proprietary software uses advanced electronic data collection and data mining to measure 130 health factors. The program gives staff an intuitive, real-time dashboard that compiles and presents patient data such as weight loss, incontinence and antipsychotics. When a patient has additional needs, the system immediately informs staff of the need for a care intervention — enabling them to proactively monitor, identify and treat the patient at the facility, while preventing hospital readmission.

Partnerships to Improve Care Coordination
Forming partnerships with other healthcare providers is an important aspect of our model, and we believe that the creation of post-acute networks has several benefits. Most importantly, it keeps patients healthy. By coordinating care and streamlining communication, we reduce potentially avoidable and harmful admissions and readmissions — a key target of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform efforts.

Mid-Atlantic Health Care also employs partnerships to reduce costs. In 2013, Mid-Atlantic became one of the first companies to go live with a CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BCPI) Model 3 program. This program seeks to provide more coordinated care to patients at a lower cost to Medicare by bundling payments to post-acute providers in order to align incentives.